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Mobile Communications/WiMAX

These products are for mobile WiMAX, which is the worldwide standard for high-speed wireless mobile communications. Drawing on our experience in mobile telephone products, DKK supports high-speed, high-volume data transmission.

Polarized Sector Antennas

These are horizontal/vertical polarized sector antennas. These are most commonly used as a group of three antennas to provide 360° coverage, but single antennas are also used to provide coverage in a specific direction.

Photo:Polarized Sector Antennas

Vertical Polarized Omnidirectionl Antennas

These antennas provide omnidirectionl full 360° coverage. Since these are relatively small antennas, the supported communications area is smaller than that of sector antennas, but they offer the advantage of greater ease of installation in base stations.

Photo:Vertical Polarized Omnidirectionl Antennas

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