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Data Communications/Regional WiMAX

Regional WiMAX is a system providing regional wireless broadband services for villages, towns, and cities. DKK provides systems accommodating a wide range of scenarios based on the unique features and requirements of regions, and can provide installation design and construction services.

System Design

We design systems based on our customers' plans.

Figure: Regional WiMAX

Station Design

DKK provides support services, from station specification reviews to license application support.

Land Designing for Base Station

DKK assists with land negotiations and contract support with apartment and office buildings.

Site Surveys

We check out sites and propose construction plans.

Installation Work

DKK performs construction and site work for base stations, including the installation of pipe columns, as well as the installation of antennas and wireless devices, etc.

Field Testing and Tuning

After the installation of base stations, we perform field testing and area tuning, among other services.

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