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Telescoping masts are typically mounted on vehicles because they are used in the measurement of electrical field strength. These masts are designed to be extendable and easy to operate, and offer a high degree of convenience. Moreover, DKK has both electrical and manual telescoping masts and a wide array of options that are suitable for your particular application.


A standard pole can accommodate a 4 kg antenna. Also, poles which are guyed in 2 levels and 3 directions are designed to withstand wind speeds of approximately 20 m/s.


Remote control box
A remote control box is handy because it makes it possible to raise and lower the pole while observing it. The remote control is operated by pushbuttons and is provided with a 3 m-long cord. The pole extends or retracts while the buttons are pressed. The height of electrical switch-controlled poles is displayed digitally, permitting operation by a single operator.

Electrical Rotators
These are useful for performing horizontal pattern measurements. You can perform automatic recording of measurements by connecting the device to a polar coordinate recorder. Rotation in excess of 370° is facilitated by operation with a remote control box.

Photo: Telescoping Masts

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