Telecommunication Division


Broadcasting/FPU Rotators

DKK has a full line of FPU rotators needed to assure transmission of image and audio data from outdoor broadcasting vans and helicopters. We can provide helicopter automated tracking systems and remote control systems.


We can meet a wide range of requirements, from small parabolic antennas 0.6 m in diameter to large parabolic antennas of 1.8 m, as well as shared frequency band and polarization plane antennas. Moreover, a helicopter-based automated relay can be set up by providing a helicopter with a tracking receiver.

Photo: Rotator

Local Control Unit

This is a high visibility control unit with which an operator can control an FPU rotator with the touch of a button. The orientation of the antenna can be seen at a glance with the map-based indicator and a digital 7-segment LED indicates the angle.

Photo: Local Contol Unit

Remote Control Unit

Remote control units make it possible to control and monitor rotators and peripheral equipment from remote locations through telephone or dedicated lines.

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