Privacy Policy

In view of the importance of protecting personal information, DKK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "DKK") handles personal information on the basis of the following policy.


1 Observance of Laws and Regulations

In addition to the "Personal Information Protection Law," DKK observes all applicable laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, as well as regulatory guidelines, company rules, and the like.

2 Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

Personal information is acquired in the course of performing the company's business. When the company acquires personal information directly in writing or by other means, its purpose of use will be clearly stated. In other cases, as well, we will provide notification or public notice of the purpose of use of personal information. In the absence of the prior consent from the individual or what is permissible on the basis of applicable laws and regulation, DKK will not use personal information for purposes beyond those necessary to achieve these purposes of use.

3 Management of Personal Information

DKK undertakes all necessary measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure, loss, or damage to personal information and manages personal information appropriately. Moreover, DKK appropriately supervises its employees in the handling of personal information and provides the appropriate supervision of personal information when such information is handled by contractors and outsourcers.

4 Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Personal information will not be provided by DKK to third parties unless the prior consent on the basis of laws and regulations is obtained from the individual, the provision of such information is necessary for contractors to achieve the necessary purposes of use, or unless otherwise permitted by laws and regulations. Please note that personal information is shared between the group companies of DKK.

5 Disclosure, Correction, Cessation of Use, etc. of Personal Information

When individuals request for notification of the purposes of use of personal information, the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion or removal of personal information, the cessation of its use, or provision of personal information to third parties, DKK will confirm the individual's requests and respond thereto in accordance with laws and regulations.

6 Establishment of Internal System

To ensure the observance of laws and regulations, regulatory authority guidelines, and internal rules pertaining to the handling of personal information, DKK has an internal training system for all officers, employees, and contract employees.

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