DKK Co., Ltd. was established in 1950 as a company that installs telecommunications infrastructure. Then, we expanded our business to the high frequency field using induction heating technology, and it continues to the present date. Since its foundation, our products and sevices in each era have materialized a more convenient living environment through the installment of social infrastructure such as the installment of communication and broadcasting networks in the advanced information society and the imporvement of the safety of the automobile industry. We are proud that we have played the role described.

Nowadays, the business environment surrounding us is changing more rapidly than ever before. The needs of society and customers are diversifying due to the further sophistication of the advanced information society and the globalization, and the DKK Group is also required to provide higher quality products and services.

It is thanks to everyone's support and generosity that we, the DKK Group, has been playing a part in society for more than 70 years since our establishment. In the coming era, we will continue to satisfy the needs by developing products and services for the society, new technologies, and business fields based on the know-how and trust we have clutivated. We would like to continue our coporate efforts to contribute to society more than ever by achieving further growth and development as a group.

Tadatoshi Kondo, President and Representative Director

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