Denki Kogyo was established in 1950 to build telecommunications infrastructure. Today, our business has further expanded to cover the field of induction heating, an applied technology of high-frequency. We build the communications and broadcasting infrastructure which is the backbone of the information age and we provide the technology to harden automotive parts using induction heating equipment. Denki Kogyo can take pride in the fact that we have played an active and ongoing role in the improvement of people's day-to-day lives for over half a century.

Our industry is in the midst of changes taking place with unprecedented speed. With the ever-increasing sophistication of the information age and the globalization of industry, the Denki Kogyo Group must respond to increasing user demands for products of higher quality than ever before.

Built on a firm foundation of technology and reliability, the Denki Kogyo Group will be steadfast in providing products that meet the needs of the present age even while moving forward in the development of new technologies and businesses for the future. Our goal is total customer satisfaction. Denki Kogyo anticipates the needs of today while embracing the challenges of tomorrow. We are fully committed to grow and develop, and to contribute more than ever to the common good of society.

Mikio Matsuzawa, President and Representative Director

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