The Era of High-Speed Growth


  • -Establishment of the Kyushu and Osaka sub-branch offices (currently the Seibu and Osaka branches, respectively)


  • -Receives order for the first domestic antenna for TV broadcasting
  • -Receives order for the TV broadcasting antenna to be installed on the Tokyo Tower


  • [ Completion of Tokyo Tower and the arrival of the television age ]
  • [ The number of telephone sets installed in Tokyo exceeds 500,000 ]


  • -Building of the Kawagoe Plant (currently Kawagoe Office) and the start of radio tower and steel structure manufacturing


  • -Receives first order of parabolic antenna for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
  • -Manufacturing of automatic crankshaft hardening equipment


  • -Establishment of the Nagoya sub-branch office (currently the Nagoya branch)
Photo: First TV broadcasting antenna made in Japan

First domestic antenna for TV broadcasting

  Photo: Parabolic telecommunications antenna

Parabolic telecommunications antenna

Photo:Automatic crankshaft hardening equipment

Automatic crankshaft hardening equipment

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