Company Outline

Business Name Denki Kogyo Company, Limited
Establishment June 1, 1950
Capital 8,774.78 million yen
President and
Representative Director

Mikio Matsuzawa
Listing Exchange First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Headquarters Shin-Tokyo Building, 7th Floor
3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
TEL: +81-3-3216-1671 (main)
Description of Business [ Telecommunication Division ]
  • -Designing, manufacturing, installation, and sales of antennas for Ultra High Frequency, Very High Frequency, High Frequency, Medium Frequency, and Low Frequency applications
  • -Designing, manufacturing, installation, and sales of steel towers and reflector panels
  • -Designing, manufacturing, and sales of community antenna cable television (CATV) equipment, and designing and installation of CATV systems
  • -Designing, manufacturing, and sales of consumer wireless devices

[ Radio Frequency Division ]
  • -Designing, manufacturing, and sales of high-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency generators for the generation of plasmas used in semiconductor manufacturing, and high-frequency power generators for nuclear fusion plasma heating
  • -Designing, manufacturing, and sales of power supplies for high-frequency accelerators
  • -Designing, manufacturing, and sales of vacuum furnaces
  • -High-frequency hardening services
Mikio Matsuzawa
President and Representative Director
Kazuhiro Ito
Senior Executive Managing Officer
Tsuyoshi Shimoda
Director, Managing Officer
Shunichi Nishizawa
Director, Managing Officer
Tsutomu Hisano
Director, Managing Officer
Kojiro Ishimatsu
Director, Managing Officer
Yo Ota
Director (Outside)
Masahide Susa
Director (Outside)
Noriyoshi Suzuki
Director (Outside)
Tatsuichi Tsuchiya
Corporate Standing Auditor
Hiroshi Tamiya
Corporate Standing Auditor (Outside)
Masatoshi Onishi
Corporate Auditor
Shoji Kobayashi
Corporate Auditor (Outside)
Number of employees
(as of March 31, 2019)


563 (Non-consolidated)
(period ending March 2019)

44.8 billion yen (Consolidated)

34.5 billion yen (Non-consolidated)

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Telecommunication Division

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