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Research and Development

Our research and development activities are grounded in a careful analysis of changing and diverse market needs derived from DKK's marketing activities. The products we provide are an outcome of that process, and we present here some of our ongoing activities.

Twin Coil Crankshaft Hardening and Tempering

In crankshaft hardening apparatus, a pair of opposed heating coils is disposed in a single follower mechanism and the pin or journal parts in a single location are hardened. In this structure, two disc transformers and two heating coils are provided within the follower unit. This method facilitates rapid heating and a reduction in heating output.

Continuous Heating Equipment for Irregularly-Shaped Plate Material

DKK has developed continuous heating systems for the irregularly-shaped blade materials used in tractors and agricultural equipment, applying the casting technology (billet heater) that are used to heat cylindrical steel material. Although there are many and various shapes and sizes of the materials heated, we have successfully commercialized the equipment by drawing on casting technology (billet heater) know-how to improve furnace coil shapes, heating methods, and durable parts materials.

High-Frequency Generator

DKK is at all times moving forward with product development using the latest technology to optimize the power sources used for induction heating and plasmas. Research and development initiatives are going forward toward reducing the size and increase digital control of the inverter, control circuits, and matching parts of power sources manufactured by DKK.

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