Radio Frequency Division


DKK has developed and grown on a strong foundation of unique technology built on the application of electromagnetic waves to radiofrequency and energy. The Radio Frequency Division uses induction heating technology in industrial applications for the improvement of quality and productivity in the heat treatment of parts for the automotive, steel, and other basic industries.

Research and Development

Here is a description of some of the research and development activities DKK is involved in toward the improvement of existing technologies.

What is induction heating?

Here is an explanation of the principles of high-frequency induction heating.

Introduce IH Heat-Treatment

Here is an introduction to some of the ways for our customers to benefit from DKK's many years of experience to make effective use of high-frequency hardening.

Dual Frequency Combined Heating System

This is a new system derived from high-frequency power electronics and heat treatment technology.

Heat Treating Simulation

These are high-frequency induction heating simulations that can predict the product quality by using cutting edge heat treating technology.

Industrial Property Rights

Centering on its heat treating equipment and heat treating services, DKK has sophisticated proprietary heat treating technology as industrial property.

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