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Our heat treatment and vacuum technology divisions design and manufacture vacuum furnaces, building on the technology and experience of Germany’s ALD Vacuum Technologies GmBH. DKK has a complete product line, including vacuum hardening and tempering furnaces for the heat treatment of molds, vacuum brazing furnaces for aircraft engine turbines, vacuum sintering furnaces with HIP capabilities for powder superalloys, Here is a brief description of the vacuum processing furnaces with pressurized gas rapid quenching equipment made by DKK.

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  • Rapid quenching of the process item is possible with pressurized high-speed  gas (maximum 9.9 bars) (using nitrogen, argon, helium, etc.).
  • We have full circumference quenching furnaces (VKUQgr furnaces, VKSQgr furnaces), top-bottom quenching furnaces (VKNQgr furnaces), and other furnaces suitable for a wide range of applications and process item shapes.
  • Convection heating equipment can be installed, depending on the type of furnace.
  • We can also provide martempering capabilities.


  • Vacuum hardening and tempering
  • Low-temperature tempering and aging treatment
  • Vacuum annealing
  • Solution heat treatment
  • Deposition hardening, etc.

Main Specifications (Horizontal Vacuum Hardening Furnace)

Furnace Type VKUQgr Furnace VKSQgr Furnace VKNQgr Furnace
Size (width/height/depth) 40/40/60、60/60/90、80/80/120
Rated Temperature (Vacuum) 1300℃    
Convection Heating No Yes Yes
Rated Temperature (Convection Heating) - 700℃ 850℃
Quenching Method Full Circumference Full Circumference Top-bottom (switchable)
Quenching Pressure 1.9bar、6bar、9.9bar
Martempering Not supported Supported Supported

Vacuum furnace products are sold by our affiliated company, Koshuha Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

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