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Induction Heating Equipment/Hardening for Machine Tools and Precision Machine Tools

Milling machines, lathes and so on are typical of the equipment in machine tools category. DKK provides hardening equipment used to treat bed sliding surface and spindle parts of these machines.

Typical hardening equipment for bed sliding surfaces uses an automatic coil follower system.

This is hardening equipment for ball screws and direct drive rails that are typically used in precision machinery. The main technique is non-oxygen hardening using nitrogen gas to simplify downstream processing.

Photo: Hardening Equipment for Machine Tools & Precision Machine Tools(Beds, Ball Screws, Etc.)

What Is a Ball Screw?

A ball screw is a shaft-shaped screw which is used to control linear positions with a high degree of accuracy in machine tools. A high-precision thread is cut in a shaft to produce a ball screw.

Photo:Ball screw (cut pieces)

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