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Induction Heating Equipment/Mass Heating 1

High-frequency induction heating finds a wide range of applications beyond hardening and tampering and other heat treating processes. These are some of the types of equipment in which large output high-frequency oscillators are used.

Induction Heater

A typical example of induction heaters is billet heaters in forging applications. DKK manufactures induction heaters with outputs of up to 1000 kW.

Photo: Mass Heating 1 
(Billet Heater, Steel Plate, Melting)

Steel Plate Heating: Slab and Wire Heating

DKK's know-how in heating can be used in the continuous heat treatment of steel and nonferrous wire products as well as in coating processing.

Photo: Steel Plate Heating: 
Slab and Wire Heating

Induction Furnace

There are two types of induction furnace: atmospheric furnaces and vacuum furnaces.

Photo: Induction Furnace

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