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Induction Heating Equipment/Crankshaft Induction Hardening & Tempering Equipment

Since DKK began sales of its rotating follower-type crankshaft hardening equipment in 1991, these devices have found a wide range of applications, from small 4-cylinder engine crankshafts with an overall length of 357 mm and counterweight depth of 5 mm to maritime engine crankshafts 2408 mm in length and having a weight of 750 kg. DKK sells over 100 different models of crankshaft hardening equipment.

This equipment facilitates low distortion hardening, using high-efficiency hardening coils and taking into account deflection of the hardened layer. The fastest processing time is 50 sec/crankshaft for a straight-4 type. Computer simulations of hardening deformation for R-hardening are used.

Photo:Crankshaft Induction Hardening & Tempering Equipment 1
Photo:Crankshaft Induction Hardening & Tempering Equipment 2

What are Crankshafts ?

The crankshaft is an essential part of an engine which converts the reciprocating motion of the pistons in the engine combustion chambers into rotary motion. The crankshaft also plays a critical role in consolidating the energy of multiple pistons.

Photo:Crankshaft (cut piece)

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