Radio Frequency Division


RF Applied Equipment/High Power RF Amplifier System

DKK's high-output high-frequency generators are used in cutting-edge scientific fields such as medical-grade particle accelerators and nuclear fusion laboratory equipment. DKK is highly valued in these fields for its technology and reliability.

High Output Electron Tube Amplifiers respond to the various needs of high technology fields


Based on high amp output electron tube technology with a wide range of outputs from 10 kW to 6000 kW, and from 0.4 MHz to 200 MHz, we provide custom-made high output high frequency generators of all powers and frequencies.

Supporting All Specifications

We support a wide range of specifications, including pulse beam operation, broadband amplifiers, and so on.

Photo: High power RF Amplifier System

Peripheral Equipment

Other than high output high frequency generators, we also handle all types of low level controllers (phase and amplitude control), matching circuits, synthesizers, dividers, channels, dummy loads, circulators, and directional couplers.

Photo: Peripheral Equipment

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