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Facilities/Hot Dip Galvanizing

Computer-controlled hot dip galvanizing facilities have been installed in DKK's Kawagoe Plant. These facilities make it possible to maintain strict quality and process control in an integrated manufacturing process extending from the forming of steel parts to galvanizing.

Photo: Hot Dip Galvanizing Line


  • -At 13 m in length, one of the largest galvanizing tanks in the Kanto region
  • -Strict quality and process management thanks to computer control
  • -Provided with the most up-to-date pollution control equipment in consideration of the environment
Photo: Pollution Control Equipment


Type and Name of Equipment Capacity Quantity
    Pretreatment Tank 13 m × 2.0 m × 2.0 m 13
    Hot Dip Galvanizing Tank 13 m × 2.0 m × 2.5 m 1
Cargo Handling Equipment
    Slope Trolley: 1 Set 2t 8
    Overhead Traveling Crane 5t, 3t, 2.4t 9
    Gantry Crane 7.5t, 5t 3
    Tower Crane 2t 1
    Forklifts 5t, 3t, 2t 4
Pollution Equipment
Wastewater Treatment Apparatus   1 set
Wastewater Equipment   1 set
Wastewater Cleaning Equipment   1 set
Dust Collection Equipment   1 set

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