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Facilities/Radio Wave Anechoic Rooms

DKK's Kanuma Plant is equipped with anechoic rooms that are isolated from all radio waves. The anechoic room makes it possible to shut out unwanted radio waves and noise and produce antennas that are as close as possible to having design (theoretical) values.

Photo: Anechoic Room 1


  • -Covers frequencies from 100 MHz to 75 GHz.
  • -Shielding properties: Damping of over 100 dB
Photo: Anechoic room 2


  First Anechoic Chamber Second Anechoic Chamber
Shielding Structure Fully welded shielding steel plate Assembled steel panels
Effective Interior Dimensions Width 4.1 m × length 10.0 m × height 3.9 m Width 5.0 m × length 16.0 m × height 4.4 m
Radiowave Absorbing Material Polyethylene foam radiowave absorbent:
Attached on 6 surfaces
Transceiving Distance 7 m 12 m
Electromagnetic Shielding Properties 100 kHz to 30 MHz Magnetic field: 100 dB or greater 30 MHz to 1 GHz Flat waves: 100 dB or greater
Unwanted Incidence
Characteristics in Quiet Zone
11GHz -30dB or less, 10 GHz -40 dB or less
(quiet zone is a 1 m diameter sphere)
Frequencies Supported
by Measurement Apparatus
100 MHz to 75 GHz

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