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DKK builds the infrastructures for television, radio, and other broadcasting networks. We can provide the full range of services to build total systems, including the design and manufacturing of antennas and towers, shared devices, power supplies, structures, and feeders which comply with the Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Equipment Common Specification.

Broadcasting Antennas

We have a full line of antennas for all types of broadcasting installations.

Photo: Broadcasting Antennas

Microwave Antennas

DKK provides a complete range of services, from circuit design to manufacturing, installation work, and on-site tuning.

Photo: Microwave Antennas

Medium and Short Wave Antennas

We provide a broad range of products, from antennas to towers.

Photo: Medium and Short Wave Antennas

Gap Fillers

Gap fillers are a strategy used in terrestrial digital broadcasting to retransmit signals received in locations where there is good reception to areas where there is poor reception.

Photo: Gap Fillers


DKK provides a full line of services, from the development and design of towers to onsite construction work for all types of antennas.

Photo: Tower


DKK provides a wide range of structures which are designed according to the purpose of use, installation location, and climate conditions.

Photo: Shelters

Power Supply Apparatus

DKK provides total coordination of power supply equipment, from commercial power reception to emergency power generation equipment.

Photo: Power Supply Apparatus

FPU Rotators

We provide a variety of FPU rotators needed to ensure transmission of image and audio data from outdoor broadcasting vans, helicopters, and so on.

Photo: FPU Rotators


We provide complete construction services, from antennas to towers, structures, power supplies, equipment, and installation of apparatus.

Photo: Construction


Based on our extensive experience, DKK provides sophisticated and prompt maintenance and management services for broadcasting equipment, from antennas to towers, structures, power supply equipment, and ancillary equipment.

Figure : Deterioration Diagnostic System

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