Telecommunication Division

Frequencies Supported

Super High Frequency (SHF): 3-30 GHz

Given their ability to carry enormous amounts of data, super high frequency waves are used for relaying broadcast programs (STL/TSL/TTL), radar (weather, etc.), satellite communications and satellite broadcasting, and other applications. DKK provides parabolic antennas of each diameter and FPU rotating equipment, as well as reflector panels and other equipment essential for microwave communications circuits.

Microwave Communication Antennas

Broadcasters depend on FPU rotators to transmit images and audio data recorded in the reporting of news and coverage of events. DKK has a full line of these devices and provides them not only in Japan but for export overseas, as well.

Photo:Microwave Communication Antennas

FPU Rotators

To relay broadcast programs, FPU rotators perform microwave transmission to broadcasting stations and FPU base stations. DKK can recommend FPU rotators which are essential to the reception of broadcast signals that meet various requirements.

Photo: FPU Rotator

Satellite Communication Antennas

In satellite communications, there are VSAT and Ku-Band offset compact antennas that exchange image, audio, and data communications.

Photo: Satellite Communications Antennas

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