Telecommunication Division

Frequencies Supported

Extremely High Frequency (EHF): 30 GHz and higher

Extremely high frequency (EHF) waves can carry an enormous amount of data and find wide application in radar, simple-type terrestrial communications, and satellite communications. DKK studies and develops Extremely High Frequency antennas that meet our customers' diverse requirements.

FWA(Fixed Wireless Access) Parabolic Antenna

This is a 0.3 m parabolic antenna which DKK has prototyped for 37 GHz applications. We design and manufacture antennas that meet our customers' requirements.

Photo: FWA Parabolic Antenna

FWA(Fixed Wireless Access) Flat Antenna

This is a flat antenna which DKK has prototyped for the 60 GHz band. We can propose antennas for a wide range of requirements.

Photo: FWA Flat Antenna

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